In the News

MARCH IS FINALLY HERE!  While we are waiting for Spring (sigh...), we have lots of fun and interesting activities planned as we are holding on for warmer weather!   The Ladies enjoyed our Annual Mardi Gras party with entertainment by our favorite, Brian Zapel and ate delicious King Cake made by our Chef, Ron.  Other wonderful events planned  for this month  include a performance by "The Shenanigan's" (an Irish-Scottish Band) on March 13th, a visit with St. Patrick who will share Irish stories with us on the 17th and a special performance of Native American Spiritual Drumming with the Grove Drum on the 20th.

We are also starting the "Songbirds" singing club.  Choosing songs we want to sing and making our own music.  Some Ladies will be participating in a Writing Memoirs Workshop, as well as, a Bowling Tournament.  We continue to work on our Art Journals, adding completed art projects as we go along.



Monthly Activities
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