In the News

Fall is finally here with all its beauty!  We are enjoying the cooler weather and changing colors of the leaves!  Especially on the five huge trees in front of the home. This month we celebrate Nilda's 100th birthday on Columbus Day! Happy Birthday Nilda!!! 

There will be a special luncheon for our Ladies on the 14th to celebrate the completion of our refurbishment project.  Our Open House has been scheduled for Thursday, November 5th from 5-6:30.  We are all so excited! 

We will be celebrating Oktoberfest with Brian Zapel on the 20th, the Victorian Lady will be visiting on the 27th to do her "Victorian Secrets" program and we will be having a Halloween Karaoke party on Friday the 30th.

We have a very busy month and things we be getting busier as we head towards to holidays!

Enjoy your Autumn!!! 




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