In the News

HAPPY AUTUMN TO ALL!  An Oktoberfest party was enjoyed by our Ladies on Thursday, October 2nd and Brian Zappel entertained us with German Polka music.  We had Applesauce Cake with whipcream that was prepared by a few of our Baking Club residents, along with warm pretzels, cheddar cheese, Pumpkin Ale and Oktoberfest beer.  Upcoming events include making crock pot applesauce, piano with Al Mosher, Halloween Bingo, Halloween crafting, fun with sign language and a program on Alfred Hitchcock.  Please review our Activity Calendar for dates and times of events.

We are looking forward to our Halloween party on the 30th (special treats on the 31st) with our favorite Brian Zappel.  There will be some very interesting costumes worn by staff and residents.  We will be sure to post photos on our Facebook Page.

We will have a special visit from the St. George's Episcopal Church Choir on Sunday, October 12th.  Until next month, we hope you all enjoy  the beauty of Fall!



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