In the News

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  Our Ladies enjoyed a special Mother's Day celebration with Brian Z. on Saturday and a delicious luncheon on Sunday, which included a small gift for each resident.  While we are all patiently waiting for the warm weather, our Ladies have been able to join the Walking Club on those warmer, sunnier days.  

This month's events include a New Ladies Luncheon, piano sing-a-long with Jim, accordian music with Russ during Italian lunch day, piano with Al, Bible readings with Pearl, Domino Club, our monthly birthday party and our new Friday Sharing Circle.

The Ladies will enjoy a special Tea Party with Union College Sorority students on the 20th and our Activity Assistant, Nancy, will be presenting a travel program on her recent trip to Las Vegas on the 12th.

Please review our Activity Schedule for more details on upcoming events!



Monthly Activities
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