In the News

WOW!  We have been waiting so long for Spring and it is finally here!!!  So nice to see the flowers and budding leaves on the trees!  We have started our Walking Club and the Ladies are enjoying the recent warm weather. April went by in a whoosh!  Special events included our Cake Walk on April 10th and a Volunteer Social on April 25th.  Please see our photo gallery for updated images.  May will bring a Spring Concert with Brian Zapel on the 14th and visits to the Schenectady Rose Garden.  Rose Garden visits are so enjoyable and a wonderful opportunity  for taking beautiful photos.  We will also be having a Vintage Hat Fashion show on May 21st and a Vintage Brooch/Pin show on May 9th.  There is going to be a Heritage Home Board Luncheon with the Ladies on May 10th to celebrate MOTHER'S DAY!  Please check out our May calendar for all the activities that are planned.  A special HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Ladies out there!


Monthly Activities
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