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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS!  A new year has begun and we are off and running!  This month brings a Cabin Fever party with Mark Hersh on Monday the 26th!   Al Mosher will be here to play piano and sing with our Ladies on Thursday the 15th and we will be celebrating Martin Luther King Day on the 19th.

This month is filled with fun games such as Tabletop Bowling, Dominoes, Charades, Horseracing and our favorite Bingo!   Other programs will include Winter poems, Where is Lima? and who is Louise Nevelson?.

Future programs will be developed around community involvement such as baking dog buscuits for our local animal shelters and assembling Star Packets to be given to soldiers and veterans through the program.

We are all very excited about the refurbishment project  that is to begin in February!  Updates regarding this project will be forthcoming!

Stay warm and cozy!


Days get colder

Snow gets whiter

Lights get brighter

Sweaters get bigger

Books get thicker

Blankets get larger

Chiimneys get hotter

Snuggling gets nicer

Hearts get closer


Author Unknown






Monthly Activities
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